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  • Disto D210 Laser Distance Meter in Dublin
    Disto D210 Laser Distance Meter
    Dublin 1 day €150

    new: the compact and handy entry-level model has many interesting functions and is still simple to use. addition and subtraction, ...

  • Laserliner DistanceMaster Home in Dublin
    Laserliner DistanceMaster Home
    Dublin 1 day €79

    laser distance measurer - measure exactly to the point even faster – measuring range, internal 0.2 to 25 m – high measuring precis...

  • Geomax Zenith10 Surveying GPS in Dublin
    Geomax Zenith10 Surveying GPS
    Dublin 1 day €50

    simple surveying or setting out with the zenith10 surveying gps. turn on, connect to the network, and have immediate itm or irish ...

  • Laserliner MultiFinder Plus in Dublin
    Laserliner MultiFinder Plus
    Dublin 1 day €59

    universal stud finder, detector for locating wood, metal, copper, iron and live wires – one-button operation to switch between the...

  • Laserliner Thermospot IR Thermometer in Dublin

    the thermospot is a non-contact temperature measuring device that is ideal for obtaining the temperature of items that are unreach...

  • Laserliner AL22 Set Engineers Level in Dublin

    this set includes the automatic optical level al 22 classic, a sturdy lightweight 165cm tripod and a telescoping 4 meter aluminium...

  • Laserliner ACL2 Pro in Dublin
    Laserliner ACL2 Pro
    Dublin 1 day €220

    professional cross-line laser specially designed for interior studding. can also be used outside with optional rx extender detecto...

  • Laserliner Dampmaster in Dublin
    Laserliner Dampmaster
    Dublin 1 day €169

    the dampmaster is moisture meter for the professional giving moisture content in 3 wood groups and 4 building materials. this unit...

  • Flir Thermal Imaging Camera HIRE in Dublin

    find heating leaks. check building fabric & insulation for thermal bridging and heat loss. check room cold spots. fuseboard an...

  • 500 sheets brand new 20ft, 16ft, 12ft to clear at only€1 a foot all brand new in bales of fifty, all coated 086 8218888, jim....

  • Laserliner RollPilot S12 Measuring Wheel in Dublin

    this mechanical measuring wheel delivers accurate measured values at all ranges up to 9999.9m large, easy-to-read display with add...

  • Laserliner Multimeter Pocket in Dublin
    Laserliner Multimeter Pocket
    Dublin 1 day €32

    universal multimeter in practical format – fully protected in all areas. features –reliable, fast and precise voltage, current and...

  • Laserliner WoodTester Moisture Meter in Dublin

    compact wood instrument for measuring moisture content in wood logs checks the degree of dryness in firewood to conserve energy an...

  • Flir E4 Thermal Imaging Camera in Dublin
    Flir E4 Thermal Imaging Camera
    Dublin 1 day €995

    new flir e4 thermal imaging camera with 2 years warranty on instrument and 10 years warranty on detector. complete with charger, u...

  • Hucol Rotary Power Convertors  in Antrim
    Hucol Rotary Power Convertors
    Antrim 1 day €1,250

    yrs experience in the field, quality used units avail, sales & service 3yrs gurantee, 220v - 1ph (in), 400v - 3ph (out), indus...

  • Laserliner DistanceMaster Pocket Pro in Dublin

    laser distance measurer – measure exactly to the point more quickly with the help of high-speed technology – measuring range, inte...

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