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  • Desert Eagle (Co2 GBB Airsoft Gun) in Dublin

    easily the most bad-ass pistol on the market, the desert eagle is a truly massive pistol. it is easily recognised, and most common...

  • Firepower M3 Tri-Shot (Airsoft Shotgun) in Dublin

    the firepower ms shotgun is modelled after the benelli m3, and is a spring powered tri-shot model - no gas or batteries required! ...

  • Printer Inks and Toners Wanted  in Dublin
    Printer Inks and Toners Wanted
    Dublin 2 days €NA

    are you having a spring clear out of that office toner store room? we buy all types of unused printer toners & inks turn your ...

  • titanic Plastic Kit With Paints & Glue in Wicklow
    titanic Plastic Kit With Paints & Glue
    Wicklow 2 days €12.95

    titanic complete model set, includes paint, glue and brush. everything you need to build a kit., makes a great gift or a perfect w...

  • Remote Control Helicopter  outdoor use in Wicklow
    Remote Control Helicopter outdoor use
    Wicklow 2 days €84.95

    rc single rotor helicopter keevee high quality ready-to-fly 2.4ghz 4-channel single rotor. *professional 4-ch digital proportional...

  • Remote Control Helicopter With Camera!  in Wicklow

    indoor remote control helicopter with built in camera for video and photos! http://www.idmodels.ie/products/micro-video-helicopter...

  • MICROSCOPES Starting at only €29.99! in Wicklow
    MICROSCOPES Starting at only €29.99!
    Wicklow 2 days €29.99

    microscope sets starting from only €29.99 all the way up to laboratory standard equipment. see the full range in our online shop w...

  • Camouflage trousers (XXXS - 8XL) in Dublin

    armyshop.ie has the largest selection of camouflage trousers in ireland. our company is specialist in high quality military and ou...

  • Glock 17 (Airsoft GBB Pistol) in Dublin
    Glock 17 (Airsoft GBB Pistol)
    Dublin 3 days €134

    the glock series of pistols skyrocketed to infamy in the early 90s being termed as the terrorist pistol, due to scaremongering abo...

  • S&W M&P 40(Airsoft Co2 Pistol) in Dublin
    S&W M&P 40(Airsoft Co2 Pistol)
    Dublin 3 days €100

    this budget gas pistol is powered by disposable co2 cannisters (sold separately) and is modelled after the smith & wesson m&am...

  • Scarf yarns available in Aimee Rose in Dublin

    looking for scarf yarns? we have rico pompon, rico pompon maxi, cancan, disco,glitz, wendy frills, loopy, ice, tivoli whirl and lo...

  • Revell Airbrush And Compressor.  in Wicklow
    Revell Airbrush And Compressor.
    Wicklow 4 days €139.95

    correct painting gives a model its ultimate, true-to-original appearance. the new airbrush basic set contains everything you need ...

  • T-Rex Dinosaur  in Wicklow
    T-Rex Dinosaur
    Wicklow 4 days €215

    for the first time a complete and accurate reproduction of the most terrigying and efficient predator ever produced by the evoluti...

  • T-Rex Dinosaur Skeleton in Wicklow
    T-Rex Dinosaur Skeleton
    Wicklow 4 days €24.95

    a kit that will let you live the adventure of becoming a true paleontologist. using the chisel and hammer provided, it will be eas...

  • Tivoli Whirl scarf yarn in Dublin
    Tivoli Whirl scarf yarn
    Dublin 4 days €6.50

    tivoli whirl scarf yarn 100g 6.50 euro in aimee rose citywest shopping centre. heaps of other yarns, wools and accessories availab...

  • Pompon knitting yarn in Dublin
    Pompon knitting yarn
    Dublin 5 days €9.50

    pompon wool 200g 9.50 euro in aimee rose. just one of our many scarf yarns! pop in to the store to have a browse we are located in...

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