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  • COINS WANTED  in Dublin
    Dublin 2 days €NA

    irish - hiberno norse to 1943 english - anglo saxon to 1900 17th century irish tokens single coins or collections immediate cash p...

  • AK47 (Airsoft Electric Gun) in Dublin
    AK47 (Airsoft Electric Gun)
    Dublin 2 days €180

    the ak47 is without a doubt the most famous gun in the world - everyone knows what it looks like. this particular replica fires 6m...

  • Scarf Yarns in Aimee Rose in Dublin
    Scarf Yarns in Aimee Rose
    Dublin 2 days €5.50

    our complete range of knitting scarf yarns price starts from 5.50 euro. add us on facebook...

  • Blackwater 1911 R2 (Co2 Airsoft GBB Gun) in Dublin

    the 1911 (as the name suggests) has been around for over 100 years, and throughout that time it has undergone various changes. thi...

  • Taurus PT99 (Co2 GBB Airsoft Gun) in Dublin
    Taurus PT99 (Co2 GBB Airsoft Gun)
    Dublin 3 days €149

    the taurus pt 99 is based off of the infamous beretta m9, and features the same ergonomics and iconic look. this replica is offici...

  • Colt 1911A1 (Co2 Airsoft Blowback Gun) in Dublin

    when people think of handguns, typically it is an image of the colt 1911a1 regarded as the best pistol ever made. it has been in s...

  • MAGNIFIERS in Wicklow
    Wicklow 3 days €5.99

    a whole range of magnifiers, jewellers loupes and linen testers, most with illumination. suitable for all sorts of uses; stamp and...

  • Colt M4A1 (Airsoft Electric Gun) in Dublin
    Colt M4A1 (Airsoft Electric Gun)
    Dublin 4 days €160

    synonymous with military & police units around the world, the colt m4 is one of the most widely used guns today. it is availab...

  • HOTWHEELS 1966 TV Classic Batmobile 1/18 in Wicklow

    otwheels w1171 heritage collection 1966 tv classic batmobile 1/18 free shipping in ireland for more information visit www.idmodels...

  • Metal Earth - Titanic Ship 3D Model Kit in Wicklow

    these amazingly detailed 3d models start as 4” square steel sheets and finish as amazing 3d models. use the easy to follow instruc...

  • MetalEarth - Eiffel Tower 3D Model Kit in Wicklow

    these amazingly detailed 3d models start as 4” square steel sheets and finish as amazing 3d models. use the easy to follow instruc...

  • AK47 Spetsnaz (Airsoft Gun - AEG) in Dublin
    AK47 Spetsnaz (Airsoft Gun - AEG)
    Dublin 6 days €150

    the ak47 is one of the most iconic guns of all time, and has seen many different variations. this one is a more modern shortened d...

  • Beginners Crochet Classes in Dublin
    Beginners Crochet Classes
    Dublin 6 days €80

    6 week beginners crochet classes available at aimee rose wool yarn and accessories shop in citywest shopping center - dublin 24. (...

  • Into Knitting? get into Aimee Rose! in Dublin

    the aimee rose store has hundreds of wools, scarf yarns, patterns, needles and accessories in store; everything a knitter or croch...

  • Metal Detectors: Viking VK20 in Cork
    Metal Detectors: Viking VK20
    Cork 7 days €250

    vikin vk20 (€250+€8p&p) a purely motion detector, the vk20 is the first model in the range to feature a target id facility. us...

  • Metal Detectors: Viking VK40 in Cork
    Metal Detectors: Viking VK40
    Cork 7 days €350

    viking vk40 (€350+€8p&p) top of the viking range. the large search head allows objects to be detected deeper, while the keypad...

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