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Your safety and security online

It is important to be vigilant when buying or selling anything online. Below, we've listed some things you should be wary of when dealing with buyers or sellers:

Are the price of the goods much lower than other goods of similar age/specification? If so, why?
This is especially important with ads for electronics, puppies & kittens. Can you speak with the seller - If not ask why not?
Is the content of emails received from buyers/sellers suspicious? Be aware of emails which contain incorrect spelling, punctuation and requests for your personal information or very detailed stories about why the item is for sale - this could indicate a scam. Buy and Sell will NEVER ask for your personal details by email.

NEVER click on a link that has been emailed to you if you do not know / trust the source e.g. a link that is sent to you in an email from a seller or buyer.

When Buying Goods

  • » Don't hand over any money before you've seen the goods.
  • » Check to make sure goods are in full working order before handing over money.
  • » Avoid giving personal information out over email.
  • » Do not send money via Western Union, Moneygram or similar money transfer services.
  • » Check the seller has a landline number and only arrange to view the goods at their home address.

When Selling Goods

  • » Be wary of people who will only communicate with you by email.
  • » If you're selling a car or bike or similar, never let a buyer test drive a bike or car alone.
  • » If you are accepting payment by bank draft or cheque avoid handing over the goods before receiving full payment into your bank account and making sure the funds are available to use. Do not accept bank drafts for more than the amount you are selling your item for, this is often a sign of a scam.
  • » Watch out for people asking you to 'ship' goods to them, especially when it comes to car ads. This is a frequent sign of a scam.

If you have any concerns about a buyer or seller that you think maybe suspicious please contact us emailing us on support@buyandsell.ie

Recent Scams

Bank Draft Scams

In this scam the person interested in buying your item will say that they live abroad and would like you to ship the item to them. For this they will send you a bank draft for the cost of your item and the shipping costs. They will ask you to lodge this into your bank account and then pay the money for the shipping to their 'Shipping Agent' via a money transfer service like Western Union or Moneygram.

The bank draft will clear straight away and the funds will be in your account and it will only be a while later that the bank will find out it is a fraudulent draft and remove the funds. You would be unable to recover any money that has been sent via Western Union.

Buying Tickets

Online ticket selling sites are now offering people the opportunity to download their tickets as a PDF document to print out for themselves, these tickets can also be sent by email.

Please be aware that PDF and emailed tickets can be printed out more than one time

Always meet up to exchange money for tickets and make sure to check with the original seller (whether that is the venue or the company the tickets were purchased from) that the tickets you are buying are legitimate before exchanging cash.

Text Messages

A recent issue we are aware of is some advertisers may receive a text from someone who appears to be Buy & Sell, the text of the message will be something like the following:

Dear BuyAndSell.ie user, your ad has been published on BuyAndSell. For security reasons please text the message''DAG CONFIRM'' to phone number 57800 to confirm ad

These messages are NOT from Buy & Sell - and responding to the text will incur a € 2.50 charge on your phone. If you receive a message like this - DO NOT RESPOND. You should contact RegTel on 1850 741 741 to report the text. You can also contact the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner at the email address info@dataprotection.ie and give them details of the text you received.

Email phishing

Some users have received text messages on their mobile phones, with a message that isn't relevant to the ad they placed - the message appears innocuous, but it could be a 'phishing' message where a 3rd party tries to get you to reveal personal details to them - be vigilant, and don't share your personal details with anyone via email.

An example of this sort of message is as follows:

Seriously interested in yr property in internet. Arriving soon from abroad. When can i come for viewing? Pls reply by email to: jamesazag@gmail.com Thanks, James.