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Birds for sale in Ireland

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  • Exhibition Zebra Finches in Antrim
    Exhibition Zebra Finches
    Antrim 1 day £NA

    exhibition zebra finches fawns // normals // whites and pieds selling to make room for more. from £20 a pair bred by marion mcaule...

  • Pairs of Gouldian Finches in Antrim
    Pairs of Gouldian Finches
    Antrim 5 days £60

    pairs of gouldian finches 2013 and 2014...

  •   Pairs of Fishers Lovebirds in Antrim
    Pairs of Fishers Lovebirds
    Antrim 5 days £NA

    pairs of fischers lovebiirds normals £60 pair blues £70 pair violets £80 pair...

  • Hand reared tame conure in Antrim
    Hand reared tame conure
    Antrim 7 days £195

    playful, fun-loving, bold and inquisitive are all traits that describe a conure, native to south america, , they range from an ave...

  • Animal Guard - Sensitive Microchips in Laois

    due to the new legislation with the ikc you can now implant your own pets. a safe, simple & inexpensive way to protect your pe...

  • Northern bullfinches for sale in Waterford
    Northern bullfinches for sale
    Waterford 9 days €140

    northern bullfinches for sale , all birds were reared under bullies, only sold as pairs allso have a few cocks...

  • Budgies in Antrim
    Antrim 11 days £10

    budgies all colours...

  • Cherry Finches in Antrim
    Cherry Finches
    Antrim 11 days £65

    pairs of cherry finches...

  • Bengalese Finches in Antrim
    Bengalese Finches
    Antrim 11 days £15

    pairs of bengalese finches. various colours....

  • Chestnut Breasted Mannekins in Antrim
    Chestnut Breasted Mannekins
    Antrim 11 days £65

    pairs of chestnut breasted mannekin finches...

  • Beschino//Owl Finch in Antrim
    Beschino//Owl Finch
    Antrim 11 days £70

    pairs of beschino //owl finch...

  • PIGEON LOFTS MADE TO ORDER FROM €650.00 in Wicklow

    all types of pigeon lofts made to order we can make to your specifations or to suit your garden we also have ets traps and nest bo...

  • New Bird Cages in Cork
    New Bird Cages
    Cork 11 days €25

    nationwide delivery available on all products. fop alpha 3 square cage - €42.60 includes perches and feeders. size: 43x40x27cm fop...

  • gouldians
    Antrim 11 days £40

    hi,i have some breeding pairs plus this year young for sale at £40 a pair....

  • Roller canaries for sale.
    Kerry 16 days €15

    all young canaries. yellows and coloured. cocks and hens available....

  • Golden Mantle Rosellas in Antrim
    Golden Mantle Rosellas
    Antrim 17 days £120

    pair of golden mantle rosellas...

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