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  • Rabbit Runs in Wicklow
    Rabbit Runs
    Wicklow 8 hours €25

    i have a number of six panel (€25) & 8 panel (€35) rabbit runs to clear. usually sell here for 64.99 but these are returned it...

  • New VivexoticVivariums & Tortoise Tables in Wicklow

    selection of flatpacked premium vivexotic vivariums and turtle tables with free delivery anywhere in ireland. vivariums - viva ter...

  • TOPdog Roof Systems  in Antrim
    TOPdog Roof Systems
    Antrim 3 days €NA

    available for both bar and mesh kennel run systems. standard or custom sizes. roofs can be sloped from front to back or side to si...

  • TOPdog Insu Kennel  in Antrim
    TOPdog Insu Kennel
    Antrim 3 days €NA

    unique to topdog. designed and manufactured in house by our skilled engineers using computer controlled cutting and folding equipm...

  • TOPdog Mesh Kennel Runs  in Antrim
    TOPdog Mesh Kennel Runs
    Antrim 3 days €NA

    our most popular kennel run system is the mesh kennel run. suitable for all breeds of dogs. manufactured in house by our own highl...

  • TOPdog Bar Systems in Antrim
    TOPdog Bar Systems
    Antrim 3 days €NA

    bar systems are available in standard sizes or custom made. they have a tendency to stop dogs standing on their back legs although...

  • Large Parrot Cages in Antrim
    Large Parrot Cages
    Antrim 3 days £225

    large parrot cages suitable for parrots // cockatoos // macaws . antique grey in colour . top opens to allow bird to sit out on to...

  • Dog Run/Dog Pen (Free Delivery) in Galway
    Dog Run/Dog Pen (Free Delivery)
    Galway 3 days €249

    keep your pet safe in your garden with our dog run/pen. comes in many sizes. fully galvanized(corrosion resistance) 1.5 tubular he...

  • 4x3 Shiplap  Dog Kennel in Kildare

    superior dog house see or visit us in newbridge. for the perfect pooch palace, look no further than our tiger shipl...

  • Red Mills Dog Foods in Antrim
    Red Mills Dog Foods
    Antrim 4 days £NA

    january offers engage beef 15kg £14.99 engage chicken 15kg £18.99 engage duck 15kg £25.99...

  • Cages in Antrim
    Antrim 5 days £30

    white wire breeding cages .24inch x 16 inch x16inch other cages also available in store from £20 parrot cage on wheels £179.99 lar...

  •  hot water anywhere you need 70% cheaper in Cork

    do you want the convenience of having hot water in the areas you thought you never could ? now you can! tapmagic is the answer www...

  • DOG KENNEL XL in Cork
    Cork 6 days €219

    this is a highly crafted and stunning looking dog kennel and has been beenmade using the best quality materials. all kennels are d...

    Cork 6 days €169

    this stunning large double hutch provides open and spacious conditions that are essential to the health and well being of your gui...

  • Large Dog Kennel - FREE SHIPPING in Cork

    96cm/3ft w x 112cm/3.6ft d x 105/3.5ftcm x h (at apex) for the dog who needs to be outside in the garden. this dog kennel gives yo...

  • 8 Bird Chicken Coop - FREE SHIPPING in Cork

    rooster large chicken coop • designed to accommodate 9 birds as specified by rspca guidelines (12” x 12” / bird) • manufactured fr...

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