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  • Bob Harper Massage Bar in Dublin
    Bob Harper Massage Bar
    Dublin 3 days €40

    massage stiff, sore muscles flexibility and recovery are vital components in bob harpers training program. a great way to increase...

  • GoFit Wall Ball in Dublin
    GoFit Wall Ball
    Dublin 3 days €99

    whether you are a cross training enthusiast or looking to enhance your strength, the gofit wall ball increases the intensity of ex...

  • Tiger Tri Plastic Wobble Board 36cm in Dublin
    Tiger Tri Plastic Wobble Board 36cm
    Dublin 3 days €25.99

    this excellent value 36cm (14) plastic wobble board or balance board has been designed for early/intermediate stages of rehabiliat...

  • Bob Harper Massage Roller in Dublin
    Bob Harper Massage Roller
    Dublin 3 days €55

    the bob harper massage roller is made of dense, closed-cell foam offering a soft-touch, while its rigid core provides firm, long-l...

  • GoFit Hexagonal Neoprene Dumbbell 10lbs in Dublin

    the gofit hex head neoprene coated dumbbell is a great addition to your strength training arsenal. coated with neoprene, this dumb...

  • Abs Killer Workout Balance Dome in Dublin
    Abs Killer Workout Balance Dome
    Dublin 3 days €120

    a great tool for a killer abs workout, lower back workout and flip it over to do push ups! designed to integrate balance, fitness,...

  • Tiger Tri Tornado Ball 2kg in Dublin
    Tiger Tri Tornado Ball 2kg
    Dublin 3 days €40

    colourful premium quality textured rubber surface rope runs through the middle of the ball excellent for rhythmical stabilisation ...

  • DHacks Fat Burners Appetite Suppressants in Down

    two months supply €50 for 60 tabs take 1 tablet per morning with breakfast. do not take if you are pregnant, breast feeding or suf...

  • Treadmill - Proform  500 ZLT in Dublin
    Treadmill - Proform 500 ZLT
    Dublin 3 days €400

    high quality, durable fold-up treadmill excellent condition speed capability: 18kph incline capability: 10% mp3 compatible heart-r...

  • T25 10 disc workout in Wicklow
    T25 10 disc workout
    Wicklow 4 days £45

    t25 dvds . inc planner and resistance bands...

  • Gymstick weight balls 2pcs w/workout dvd in Dublin

    12cm. soft grip ball design allows comfortable open palm handling strengthens the arms, legs, buttocks and abs includes 2 x 1 kg e...

  • Grenade Foam Roller - Blue in Dublin
    Grenade Foam Roller - Blue
    Dublin 4 days €45

    the new grenade foam roller is designed to get deep into your muscle tissue for a great massage dimpled surface for deeper massage...

  • Rumble Roller - Extra Firm Compact Black in Dublin

    small size foam roller the brand new rumbleroller surface contains specially designed bumps that are firm, but flexible, much like...

  • 66fit Adjustable Door Gym in Dublin
    66fit Adjustable Door Gym
    Dublin 4 days €28.50

    the 66fit adjustable door gym enables you to enjoy suspension training and makes it easier than ever to make fitness a daily part ...

  • Pro Tec 1/2 Length Foam Roller 15cmx45cm in Dublin

    15cm/6 x 45cm/18 pe foam rollers are used in physiotherapy, pilates, yoga, fitness and rehabilitation. this excellent pro foam rol...

  • 7.5cm Spiky Massage Ball - Red in Dublin
    7.5cm Spiky Massage Ball - Red
    Dublin 4 days €3.50

    spiky massage balls are designed to stimulate the blood circulation, and massage muscles and relieve tension. these robust therape...

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